From the Beginning to the End

From the Beginning to the End

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I love Jazz.

From the Beginning to the End, is an album for piano and percussion. Both go together so well; the piano is a percussion instrument. A hammer strikes the strings on a piano like a drumstick or a brush strikes the skins on a drum or a cymbal.

There are more forms in jazz than there are in any other styles of music. I’m not sure I have added another form with this album, but I’m calling this sad jazz.

I believe jazz is the freest form of music. Jazz came out of the American Civil War, which was about freedom. Jazz is a form that will never go out of style, because it’s always evolving — it was born of freedom.

Many famous jazz music combos contain piano and percussion. This album hopes to follow in that tradition. It’s built on a theme and variation style of music. All songs start out with a similar intro, and then move into a sad and reflective mood.

Yatziv Caspi supplies the unique percussion for From the Beginning to the End. I have worked with Yatziv on several albums, and I keep going back to him because of his natural rhythm, his clear understanding of accompaniment and for being able to add so much colour to my music.

I hope this album makes you feel happily sad.